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Business set to be on trend at Bogotá Fashion Week 2019

The Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá is set to host the third annual Bogotá Fashion Week. From April 2-4, the paintings of 48 garb, jewelry, footwear, and leather-based designers might be modeled on the catwalk if seeks to assist consolidate Bogotá’s global role as a fashion enterprise capital.

While the focal point is at the designs showcased, the occasion is as a great deal a commercial platform as it’s miles a creative one. It can be attended with the aid of 50 shoppers over the three days (20 national and 30 global) and is predicted to generate over US$six hundred,000 of enterprise from its promotional energy – up nearly ninety% from final yr.

As is probably predicted thinking about the contemporary climate, the agenda may also include appearance closer to sustainable topics through ‘Conversaciones Bogotá Fashion Week.’ This series of meetings – running from 10 am to 3 pm on the second one and 1/3 days – will function talks from national and global professionals on know-how and developing principles of sustainability.

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Unique visitors in attendance will encompass Silvia Tcherassi, Edgardo Osorio, and Nina García, all three outstanding Colombian entrepreneurs in the business of fashion. The latter, editor of Elle USA magazine and judge on tv programme Project Runway, will act as the ambassador for the platform for the 1/3 12 months walking.

With many emerging brands amongst the designers, combining nearby have an impact on, worldwide scope and destiny vision, the organizers promise a week “full of surprises

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