Beauty: my festival necessities

By the time you study this, I’ll be packing for Glastonbury. If that appears like a good-bye word, it’s due to the fact it can be. I haven’t been given that my teens, once I turned into satisfied napping anyplace, I stood, and my pageant splendor regime consisted of layering a black eyeliner over the previous day’s, below the myth I’d look like Chrissie Hynde. Now, I’m a greater high upkeep and conscious of solar harm and hygiene, so balancing a satisfactory range of merchandise with wellies and loo rolls is particularly challenging. I welcome the social acceptability of searching difficult at festivals without looking to head absolutely native, and so I’ve been mentally modifying my washbag (leopard-print, from scampanddude.Com) considering March.

IMG_7178.JPG (1600×1237)

Festivals are certainly one of my few concessions to wipes – with restrained entry to running water, there’s little need to prevent it. I nevertheless agree with the pleasant are by way of Simple (£three.25) – they stay moist, take away makeup higher than maximum, and are usually on provide someplace. Then I’ll slap on Superdrug’s Simply Pure Hydrating Serum (for £2.99, who cares if someone nicks it?) and baste myself, optimistically, in Murad’s Luminous Shield SPF50, £ fifty-five (from the neck up) and Nivea Sun Moisturising Sun Lotion SPF50+, £6 (from the chest down).

For shade, cowl, and belt-and-braces backup, I’ll observe with Full Coverage SPF50+ CC Cream from IT Cosmetics (£35), a make-up emblem with unsightly packaging, and the occasional flash of brilliance. This has a smooth, blendable texture and amazing staying power. To hide inevitable tiredness, I’ll wear Estée Lauder’s Pure Color Envy Lip and Cheek Stick in Rose Exposed, £28, and change the grotty black liner for Burberry’s Midnight Brown Eye Colour Contour, £23 (each packed in slim, long-lasting aluminium tubes), M&S Autograph Fibre Sculpting Brow Gel, £nine.50 (the first-rate I’ve attempted in a while), and Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, £8.Ninety-nine.

I’m someone who, like a watch-wearer who’s left their timepiece by using the sink, has to run domestic if I forget about fragrance (or at the least to a department shop for a tester). Glass is forbidden at Glastonbury, making YSL Rive Gauche (£34.99) a trustworthy choice. This isn’t simply an olfactory masterpiece; it’s a layout classic. Its chic, stripy aluminum canister is easily the maximum efficient manner to shop perfume – opaque to avoid spoiling utilizing light exposure, unbreakable for the tour, and OK with security guards from the Edinburgh fringe to Port Eliot.

No-makeup make-up is an oxymoron that will no longer give up. And now not that we’re complaining — however, if we had been, it would be about not understanding the proper way to do it if there even is a right manner to do it, and if that is only a few types of Emperor’s New Clothes scenario. I imply… Carrying makeup to make it appear as though you aren’t carrying makeup… Is not that the entire factor of make-up? Does makeup even have a factor? I’m happening a risky and befuddling spiral here. I like makeup, and makeup is first-rate.

If what you are seeking is a radiantly dewy complexion and you want it now, go to South Korea. Or just have a Korean beauty professional debrief you on how it is completed. Koreans take their complexions to a degree of seriousness that warrants its own government branch, I’m sure, but considering how almost all of us follow fit, given the homogenous beauty conventions and standards, when it really works, it clearly works.

Koreans name it Chok Chok — that dewy bouncy clean-as-a-daisy pores and skin glow. I met with Ko Won Hye, South Korea’s celeb make-up artist who works on a number of the pinnacle K-pop and K-drama stars, specializing in makeup that makes a face look expertly FaceTuned to the untrained eye — you know, that “oh this antique thing?” kind of easy glow. The cool component is that Ko Won Hye has controlled to best this artwork using any kind of makeup — no longer simply Korean-emblem cosmetics, even considering that she’s created her personal pores and skin-perfecting pores and skin-care line to help provide your canvas a leg-up within the make-up branch. After all, it’s very a good deal the K-splendor philosophy to perfect your pores and skin first and then decorate with makeup. About the ones make-up suggestions, though:

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize.

Did I now not simply expound upon the tenants of Chok Chok? If you want to glow goddamnit, you have got to hydrate! That said, pick out a moisturizer that fills your pores and skin with hydration in place of an occlusive cream that simply sits on top. Ko Won’s line Lagoon offers two — a lighter emulsion and a richer cream. You can also strive for any of those summertime moisturizing choices — attempt layering them if you really need to up the Chok Chok. Also, do no longer skip sunscreen. Lagom has one that Ko Won says she makes use of on every shoot, no matter where it’s miles.

Not Be Misting!

Double-bad — complicated! What it approach is that face mist is your friend. The key to dew is actual dew, so that you may also as nicely dew it up together with your face mist of desire. Lagom has a face firming mist, which balances pH and veils the pores and skin in hydration. In among each layer of makeup utility, she mists to set and allow the make-up to further sink into your pores and skin for a natural finish. Moisturizer — mist — basis — mist — concealer — mist — blush — mist — maintain up now.

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