Automobile Engineering Deptt wins 4th Fazil Abbas Volleyball Tourney

Riding on an incredible show of spiking abilities through Neeraj Sharma, the Automobile Engineering Department thrashed the Electrical Engineering Department by using three units inside the summit clash to boost the 4th Fazil Abbas Volleyball Rolling Trophy name at Govt Polytechnic Bikram Chowk; here, these days.
The event, which began on March 29, 2019, concluded this week with 60 gamers from six institution departments participating.
The first set became a nail-biter as each team played fantastic Volleyball; even within the 2nd set, the Electrical Engineering Department gave awesome combat. Still, the 0.33 game was without problems by the Automobile Engineering Department.
Neeraj Sharma of the Automobile Engineering Department changed into support by using Kuljeet Singh to wreak havoc in the hopes of combatants winning the title. The last score changed into 29-27, 25-17, and 25-08.

The Tournament turned into a performance in honor of the college’s outstanding scholar, the Late Mr. Fazil Abbas, a 4th-semester student of the Architecture Department who passed away on May 4, 2015.
On the valedictory characteristic, Er Arun Bangotra, the institution’s principal, becomes the chief guest.

Speaking at the occasion, Er Bangotra stressed the importance of sports activities and encouraged the students to take part in sports activities that develop the satisfaction of management, the feeling of duty, and the feeling of oneness through running together.

Later, trophies, medals, and prizes were dotted to match winners, runner-ups, officers, and volunteers.
The fits have been officiated with Jeet Singh, Pritam Sharma, Jagjeet Singh, and Amit Sharma from the Department of Youth Services and Sports.
The tournament will be organized under the general supervision of Er Rajesh Gupta, HOD (Automobile), Er. Sukhdeep Singh HoD Civil Engg, Dheeraj Angral Lecturer T&T, Guminderpreet Kour, and Toshi Devi.

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