Are You Ready to Blog? – Questions to Prospective Bloggers

This is a publication I wrote in my blog and I am offering it as an editorial to the people who are thinking about blogging.

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Score yourself on questions underneath and tally them to find if you are a blogging ability.

Score Card
1 – Strongly disagree
2 – Disagree
three – Neutral
4 – Agree
five – Strongly Agree

I revel in writing – Blogs are predominantly a written medium. Although there are photoblogs, art blogs, vlogs and so on., you still might explain your self to the folks who go to your weblog.

I have a Message – While there are numerous motives why human beings want to blog, the aim would be communicating a few type of message. We are speaking about time invested

I am a great communicator – This declaration is not to mention that only appropriate communicators ought to have blogs but it could be a bonus to have a few primary communication talents.

I need to be the significant voice on the weblog – While blogs are top at building community – they generally function one person (predominantly) because of the vital voice in a verbal exchange. If you are after some thing wherein all people can begin a communique then a Forum is probably a better medium.

I am self-motivated – Starting a blog takes a bit initiative. While weblog software program in recent times makes it simple to begin them, they do not run themselves and take a stimulated man or woman to both getting them off the ground.

I am disciplined – Similarly, blogs require normal attention through the years. While every day posting isn’t critical, it’s likely an awesome degree to intention for. I could be able to motivate yourself to put in writing something new each day

I have time – Linked to the need for regular updates is the reality that this takes time. I have time now not simplest to write down posts but slight comments, reply to reader questions, study different bloggers posts, a community with other bloggers etc.

I am thick skinned – If you start a blog, the possibilities are that it will be determined and that others will write approximately you or some element of what you are doing. This is excellent whilst the feedback of others are nice and in agreement with you – however, it is now not plenty fun while you’re critiqued (every so often fairly and now and again no longer). Do I have the capacity to take criticism properly?

I am inclined to be the public highlight – Blogging is a public act. Every day you put your self into the gaze of others. People will examine your phrases and way of life. Some will need to know extra approximately you and some would possibly even apprehend you in public Keep in mind that when you write something on-line it is very difficult to get it removed. You might be able to delete your blog but documents pick up loads of what you write and so that you could be residing in the public spotlight for loads longer than you are a blogger.

I even have any technical potential – If this were a requirement of running a blog I’d have in no way gotten this some distance, however, it’s miles a bonus to have the capability to analyze and work on a technical degree. You’ll be running on a PC with net primarily based software and at times you’ll need to ‘tweak’ your weblog. Knowing the way to do it yourself can be very accessible. If you’re now not this type of character, you would possibly need to make buddies with a person who’s.

I take myself too Seriously – One of the function I assume bloggers need to have is a sense of humor – particularly when it comes to looking at themselves. While there are masses of examples of bloggers who do take themselves too critically, maximum a hit bloggers seem to have the capability to giggle at themselves also.

I actually have a mix of humility and Ego – Coupled with a humorousness need to be humility. While pigheadedness abounds in the blogosphere it is regularly the standard blogger who finally ends up on top. Having said this having a wholesome ego and view of your personal well worth as someone is likewise an awesome feature to have as there is an element of ‘self-promoting’ that comes into blogging at instances. Getting this stability proper isn’t continually clean – but it’s worth running on.

I am inclined to research more recent things – I like to take a look at running a blog as a adventure wherein anybody knows something but nobody knows the whole lot. You never stop mastering being a blogger

I enjoy reading – Need to be precise at the capacity to study what others are writing. Blogging is a fruits of what you recognize, what you study and what you stumble upon. A put up written would have at the least 3 post in similarity

I am an organized man or woman – As a blogger you need to get at least a bit organized, with incoming emails, following lots of feeds, writing perhaps on multiple subjects/blogs and moderating feedback all going on right now.

I am a Social Character – There are many kinds of running a blog but whilst it comes down to it maximum bloggers have some form of a preference to hook up with readers. It’s possibly an advantage to definitely engage your readers in by some means.

I enjoy ‘digital relationships’ – Some of the most social humans I recognize are terrible in terms of on-line interactions. Being comfortable with speak to and running with humans you’ve got by no means met before is an advantage if you’re a blogger. Developing the potential to work out whether or not others are who they are saying they’re and of excellent character is probably an ability to broaden.

I am a creative person- Once once more this isn’t always a ‘should’ – simply a bonus. The internet is a cluttered region and being able to increase content material and community that sticks out from the relaxation and that surprises readers are a big plus.

I stick with an undertaking till of completion – While some blogs are in a single day success, maximumly isn’t. In truth, many (most) blogs are never as a hit as their proprietors would really like. A long time technique is one of the fundamental portions of recommendation that I’d deliver maximum bloggers.

I am Consistent – People do want to recognize what to expect to a degree. Changing weblog subjects or the content material or the fashion midstream and expecting the readers to adapt themselves is suicidal.

I am sincere and obvious – While in real lifestyles it is able to be moderately smooth to maintain secrets and techniques or be confronted – the blogosphere has a subculture of humans retaining an eye upon each other finding out things. While you’ll want to broaden limitations around what you do and do not blog about, you’ll need to be inclined to disclose conflicts of interest and be inclined to be held responsible for the matters that you say.

I am willing to paintings tough – The stage which you need to work on a weblog could be structured upon your dreams and objectives for it – however when you have goals of being the next big element then you may be assured of a number of hard work. Of route, this is the case with any component in existence and no longer just blogs.

I am inclined to expose myself – People might be comfortable with humans they recognize and could come returned for more when they develop that comforts. Anonymity would not help a whole lot for a blogger.

How to decipher the ratings to decide at the in addition direction of action? Find underneath

Scored between 23 and 54 – You are better off at some thing apart from running a blog. For Humanity’s Sake live faraway from running a blog.

Scored among 55 and 75 – You need numerous concerns to make earlier than you decide on blogging. Give yourself some extra time before you soar into taking a selection which might or may not work for you.

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