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Is Chrome OS right for you? A three-query quiz to find out

Google’s Chrome OS is one of the world’s most misunderstood computing systems. Chromebooks are foundationally distinctive from conventional PCs, in any case — and consequently, there are a...

Global assets consultancies eye assignment management offerings opportunity in India

International belongings consultancies are renewing their consciousness on mission management offerings (PMC) in India. With both authorities and personal zone driving monetary improvement, IPCs see capability...

Top net design tips: Listening to the employee voice

In a Google-first International, an out of date, bland or familiar website may be a totally tremendous commercial enterprise legal responsibility. While the positives of any internet site are smooth to track –...

Are you dating a financial catastrophe?

He does the cha-cha; you observe gracefully. He adjustments tempo with the California swing; you observe the match. He starts to tango; your heart beats faster. You have a few fantastic actions that do not...

Protecting Your Digital Life in nine Easy Steps

Major website hackings seem ever more frequent. A set of pinnacle-mystery National Security Agency hacking gear was dumped on-line over the past year. In May, hackers used some of that equipment to hijack...

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The Lifelong Learning of Lifelong Inmates

Lance leans over his desk, his spherical belly situating his body tightly among the wooden chair and plastic desk—both too small for a person with his girth. A collection of yellow notepad papers, their edges frayed after being torn from their...



Frame: Beauty and bounty in a CSA field

Produce at the grocery save has to turn out to be a uniform sight with rows of flawlessly spherical tomatoes and identical infant carrots cautiously packaged in glistening plastic. Driven to the store throughout many miles and borders, our meals...

Beauty: my festival necessities

By the time you study this, I’ll be packing for Glastonbury. If that appears like a good-bye word, it’s due to the fact it can be. I haven’t been given that my teens, once I turned into satisfied napping anyplace I stood, and my pageant splendor...

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