5 motives you need to use WordPress when starting a weblog

When starting your on line website, you have got several choices to be had to you. Personally, this can be very puzzling especially while you’ve never designed a website before.

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When I first was given started out, I would do the entirety with the aid of hand i.E. Coding, customizations, navigation, and growing the CSS documents. But, matters have changed loads through the years streamlining how rapid and easy you can get commenced online. I’m here to tell you that in case you’re starting an internet site, then WordPress should be your number one desire. It’s bendy, very easy to put in, and offers you the entirety you need to construct a brand.

I determined to go through all of the features of WordPress and communicate about the most popular. Today, we’ll be looking for the top five motives you have to use WordPress on your blogging wishes.


Many of you don’t know how critical quick setup is when creating a website. I keep in mind whilst WordPress wasn’t so popular and people could start designing in Adobe Golive which could take all the time. Then, you will buy website hosting and add the whole internet site into special folders. This turned into a complete headache because one wrong image or document in a specific folder could take hours to restore. In brief, this becomes a completely messy procedure and WordPress has cut the time into a couple of minutes.

When you purchase website hosting, you have got the one-click installation to be had if you want to deploy the complete platform and set up the proper folders too.


WordPress offers you the power to layout any type of internet site in your commercial enterprise. This manner you have got the ability to design a website regardless of what commercial enterprise you’re in. For instance, you could be a preferred blogger, worried in e-commerce, promoting programs, or even installation a mag website. You can do all of it with WordPress.

You’ll be surprised how many different organizations use the WordPress utility. Here are 7 well-known manufacturers using WordPress to energy and build their interface.


If you don’t realize a way to use WordPress, then no need to worry due to the fact you’ve got numerous assets to be had to you. Do a quick search on Google, and also you’ll recognize exactly what I’m talking about. Better yet, head over to YouTube and do a search for “a way to use WordPress“ and also you’ll find tutorials for beginners, and people trying to design a complicated website.

This is remarkable because it offers people with out an expertise of WordPress to learn the entirety they want to for free in schooling. From my studies, no other platform presents as many sources as WordPress for free.


With WordPress, you could personalize the internet site any way you need because of its open platform idea. This has allowed bloggers to create plugins which you can deploy via the backend with the press of a mouse button. You can find plugins on the way to upload social buttons, convert your website into an e-trade save, improve pace, and comfy it from hackers. It’s superb what you may do with WordPress and the millions of plugins available.

Design elements

Each blogger will want to create a unique logo for themselves, and that is very clean with WordPress. It’s perfect for those with a decent price range, and for those with cash to spend. For instance, you’ve got masses of unfastened subject matters to be had with an easy to get admission to CSS document which may be tweaked to fit your preference. You ain’t have trouble locating custom designers who will create a design particularly on your website and might be utilized by everyone else. You can without difficulty add and eliminate remark packing containers, or alternate the look and sense by means of tweaking the CSS report.

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