5 Email Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

Every year comes with new advancements. This is usually more evident in the technological sector. Owning an email is enables you to be able to access various services easily. However, it is now clear that email marketing is growing stronger than before. Even with predictions that this service might be dead.

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Ideally, 2017 was a year that more than half of the email users preferred it to other marketing platforms.

The following are email-marketing trends that you should watch this 2018.

Link up Emails

If you want your mails to stand out you should ensure they link up with the buyer’s needs. Ensure that you make your mails enjoyable when reading. This can increase the possibilities of one buying from your business.

In order to achieve a successful link up email you should make the emails short and to the point. A study conducted shows that most email marketers prefer link up emails. Link up emails contain the following:

  • Attractive Images
  • Surveys
  • Search Bars
  • Tests

If you are, a marketer I strongly believe by use of link up emails will make your business thrive in 2018.

Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing

The AI technology has taken the technological world by storm. In 2017, artificial intelligence made a huge stride in the marketing sector. However, most marketers prefer this strategy but only few can afford it.

When AI comes to email marketing it makes the user interface with the information at ease. This trend will enable you to reduce on time and cost. The information generated will be easier and relevant to different users.

One of the best things about this trend your mail will tend to be more human through its users knowledge.


Use of graphics any form of advertisement makes your product more competitive. It is no different when it comes to email marketing. If your emails contain graphics such as video and GIFs about your product will make the user interaction easier.

In 2018, if you receive an email with GIFs and videos do not be worrisome, this are one of the strategies used by email marketers this year.


Talkbots or chatbots have been in existence for a while now. Having been considered a slow technological advancement in the communication sector. Talkbots is one amazing trend that will be applicable in email marketing.

Talkbots are more effective, high quality, and unobstructed in communication between a customer and the seller. In addition, be more vigilant when using Talkbots because sometimes it tends to infuriate your buyers.

Text only Emails

Graphics and interactive emails are the most sort out trends in email marketing. However, this has become irritating to most customers online.

This has led to small businesses to opt for text only emails. Interested in keeping up with the latest trends in business and marketing? Make sure you are following iMillennial Trends. The blog offers you with a wealth of knowledge and keeps you updated with all the latest trends in the social media world.